Consulado General y Centro de Promoción Comercial en NUEVA YORK

Tourist Visas

How to apply

Visa documents will have to be submitted in person the date of the interview. The Visa Department will conduct interviews (requested by appointment) on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 10.00AM to 12.30 PM.  The Consulate will be closed on Argentine and US holidays.

Visa inquiries and appointments MUST be requested and scheduled ONLY through the following email address: (click here)

The Consulate strongly encourages applicants to apply at least 45 days in advance of their proposed journey and to refrain from making irrevocable travel plans until the visa has been issued.

Tourist Visa

The countries in this list DO NOT require tourist visa when visiting Argentina.

If your country IS NOT listed above please request an appointment to (click here). The applicant should submit in person the following information on the date of his/her interview:

New! Chinese citizens with an American visa B2 or a valid and valid Schengen (only!) will require an electronic travel authorization (AVE) when travelling to Argentina as tourists and for a period of up to 90 days. To obtain the AVE please visit the following website:


For concerns about this procedure please send an email to:


1.PASSPORT or TRAVEL DOCUMENT: Submit ORIGINAL and a COPY of the 1st page. The passport or travel document must be valid for a minimum of six (6) months from the intended date of entry and have at least two (2) blank pages.

2.ONE (1) FSV FORM. Notice that it must be filled out preferably in electronic format and signed by the applicant. The form (3 pages) is followed by a translation in pages 4 & 5.

Applicants from Kosovo, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and Taiwan should apply for a Travel Certificate at least 15 days prior to travelling to Argentina.

3.TWO (2) CURRENT PHOTOS: full front view, in color with white background, 1 ½ x 1 ½ inch.

4.PROOF OF THE IMMIGRATION STATUS IN THE U.S.A.  Submit ORIGINAL and COPIES of your immigration status in the USA. (Ex.: Alien Registration Card, Advance Parole Document, valid visa, valid forms I-20, etc).

5.RETURN FLIGHTS SCHEDULE. (Including domestic flights, if applicable). It is advisable that you DO NOT purchase non-refundable airline tickets to Argentina before the visa is granted. Purchase is not mandatory but failure to provide the reservation will result in visa application refusal.

If you are entering Argentina by bus, car or ship you will have to provide the corresponding tickets.

6.HOTEL RESERVATION or FRIEND/FAMILY REFERENCES in ARGENTINA. Provide hotel reservations for the whole stay in Argentina. Reservations must be under each applicant's name.

If you are visiting and staying with family members or friends in Argentina you must provide an original invitation letter together with a copy of their ID (DNI or Identity Card). The letter and the ID (DNI) must be certified by an Argentine Notary Public (“Escribano Publico”) and then by the "Colegio de Escribanos".

7.PROOF OF FUNDS.  Submit bank statements for the last three (3) months.


a) Letter from your employer in the US confirming that you are currently employed by the company, the length of your employment as well as your wage or yearly salary. This letter should be certified by a Notary Public. Sample Letter.
b) Letter from the university confirming that you are currently enrolled at such educational institution.
c) If you own your business, COPY of your business’ official registration and last year tax return.

9.FEE. A U$S 150 fee will be applied and shall ONLY be paid by money order to the “Consulate General of Argentina in New York”. We do not accept cash or checks.

  • For Nationals from India and Morocco the tourist visa is free of charge.
  • For those who require a travel certificate the tourist fee will be$250  (See number 2).

10.VISA INTERVIEW. All visa applicants are requested to appear in person for an interview with a consular officer.

Once you collect all the information required for the application process you must request an   appointment for the interview to (click here).

11. Applicants may be required to provide additional information.

 Visa Process

The regular visa process takes 7-10 working days. In some cases, it will require 30 -45 days. You will be advice in these cases.  The expedited visa process takes up to 3 working days and requires the payment of an additional fee U$S 40 that should be added to the corresponding Consular Visa Fee. The expedited fee does not apply in the case of the visas that require a process of 30-45 days.

All applicants should be aware that the times given are current averages and are subject to sharp seasonal fluctuations.

Visa Collection

Passports with the stamped visa can be picked up in person or using a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope. We ONLY accept FEDEX or USPS. You are advised to keep a record of your special delivery services so that you can track your documents down.

The Consulate shall not be responsible for delays or loss of documents incurred by the Post Office once the documentation was delivered or sent by the Consulate.